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Top Lock Flange Nut DIN 6927

Steel Class 10 Hardened

Coarse Thread

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SKU: 00-NTLH-Coarse-Z

Detail & Specs

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Top Lock Flange Nut Class 10 Hardened Steel / Coarse Thread

Prevailing torque flange nuts prevent against vibration loosening. The design of this all metal nut provides resistance when tightened down on a bolt thread. The friction between the threads of the nut and the bolt increases the amount of force needed to tighten (and securely lock) the assembly into place.

This type of all-metal lock nut can have a conical shape with an elliptical deformation or a flat top 3-punch locking design, meant to distort the threads of the mating bolt or screw. The smooth bottom flange acts as a built-in washer to evenly distribute force over a larger area against the fastening surface.

Also known as all metal lock nut, distorted thread hex flange nut, prevailing torque nut, stover flange nut.

Material + Finishes

Hardened Class 10 metric locking flange nuts provide a high strength, high tensile fastening solution. Commonly paired with Class 10.9 metric bolts and screws.

Zinc Plated and Yellow Zinc Plated finishes provide corrosion resistance without sacrificing strength. Black oxide / phosphate provides minimal corrosion resistance, best for dry environments.

Special Order Variations

Alternate Specification: EN 1664 Class 8, M5-M20