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Top Lock Flange Nut M8

Steel Class 8 Copper Exhaust

13mm Wrench

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M8X13 European Copper Flange Exhaust Nut, Top Locking

A copper plated finish makes these locking nuts suitable for extreme heat automotive and motorsport applications, such as exhaust manifolds. Temperature degree range: - 94 to 750 Fahrenheit

This type of all-metal lock nut can has an elliptical deformation meant to distort the threads of the mating bolt or screw. The smooth bottom flange acts as a built-in washer to evenly distribute force over a larger area against the fastening surface.

Prevailing torque flange nuts prevent against vibration loosening. The design of this all metal lock nut provides resistance when tightened down on a bolt thread. The friction between the threads of the nut and the bolt increases the amount of force needed to tighten (and securely lock) the assembly into place.

Also known as all metric lock nut, distorted thread hex flange nut, prevailing torque nut, stover flange nut.