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M4 Torx Button Flange

Stainless Steel A2

ISO 7380-2 TX

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SKU: 00-SBF-4-SS

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Torx Drive Flanged Button Head Screw / Stainless Steel
Torx-Drive flanged button head machine screws have a built-in washer that ensures superior force distribution over a greater area, eliminating the need for a separate washer. The smooth head design gives a neat, professional finish free from sharp edges, great for furniture an automotive applications.

These screws can be used with many different styles of locking and non-locking nuts, tightly clamping together whatever the cap screw is being used to secure. Also known as corrosion resistant metric integrated flange six-lobe head, rounded head inner multi-tooth drive machine screw

Drive Style
A six lobe torx wrench is used to install these screws, allowing access into spaces where a traditional external hex drive bolt would not fit.

Torx drive screws provide higher torque transfer because the driving forces are transferred to each surface of the six lobes (wobble-free), instead of the four edges of the four edges on a phillips drive. Additional benefits include less wear on tools and no damage to the surface coating.

Commonly used in damp environments for corrosion resistance, stainless steel fasteners are popular across a wide range of industries: automotive, outdoor furniture, agriculture, architectural components, food processing, clean energy, etc.

For any application involving marine (salt water), use A4 / 316 Stainless Steel material, available as special order.

ISO 7380-2 // "7380" = Button Head Profile // "-2" = Flanged Form