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M6 Flange Bolt

Steel Class 10.9

DIN 6921 / 10mm Wrench

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M6, DIN 6921 Metric Hex Flange Bolts COARSE THREAD

Metric hex flange bolts feature an 13mm wrench size and a non-serrated smooth bottom flange.

The underside of the flange surface ensures superior force distribution over a greater area, eliminating the need for a separate washer. The non-indented head prevents grease and dirt from accumulating on the head, providing a higher quality finish and appearance.

Class 10.9 flange bolts are considered hardened, providing a high strength, high tensile fastening solution. Pair with Class 10 or stronger nuts.

Hex head flange bolts are available in full thread or partial thread configurations. Partially threaded hex bolts have an unthreaded length under the head that is stronger than the threaded portion of the bolt. The unthreaded / threaded length dimensions vary by specification.

The entire length of a fully threaded flange bolt is meant to engage with a tapped hole.

Flange bolts can be used with many different styles of locking and non-locking nuts to clamp tightly to whatever the bolt is being used to secure. A wrench is used to install and tighten hex flanged bolts.

Also known as
External hex drive flange bolt, one-piece flange bolt for mechanical applications, non-serrated flange screw, external hex bolt with integral washer.

To be used with locking or non-locking nuts or in a tapped hole, commonly used on vehicle frames and various automotive applications.