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M8 Low Torx Socket

Stainless Steel A2

ISO 14580

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M8 Metric Stainless Torx Socket Head Bolt, Low Profile
A2-50 Stainless / Low Head Height

Torx drive screws provide higher torque transfer because the driving forces are transferred to each surface of the six lobes (wobble-free), instead of the four edges of the four edges on a phillips drive. Additional benefits include less wear on tools and no damage to the stainless steel surface coating.

Low Profile TX drive socket head bolts are designed to be used in tight work areas where a reduced head height is required. A six lobe torx wrench is used to install these screws, allowing access into spaces where a traditional external hex drive bolt would not fit.

Fully threaded socket cap screws are meant to engage the entire length with a tapped hole. These bolts can be used with many different styles of locking and non-locking nuts, tightly clamping together whatever the cap screw is being used to secure.

Commonly used in damp environments for corrosion resistance, popular across a wide range of industries: automotive, agriculture, food processing, clean energy, etc.

For any application involving marine (salt water), use A4 / 316 Stainless Steel material, available as special order.

Also known as SL-Recess low head torx socket cap screw or six-lobe torx socket, inner multi-tooth socket cap screw.

Special Order Variations
Additional Lengths: M8X10, M8X12, M8X35, M8X40, M8X45, M8X50, M8X55, M8X60, M8X65, M8X70, M8X75, M8X80
Additional Options: Many lengths available in full or partial thread