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Toothed Star Lock Washer

Internal DIN 6797-J

Stainless Steel

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Metric Stainless Steel INTERNAL TOOTH Star Lock Washer

The internal teeth of this washer dig into the head of the screw or bolt as well as the mating surface for a strong, locked connection resistant to vibration.

Internal star washers have a smooth outer surface that will not catch or snag nearby items. The best fasteners to use with these washers have smaller heads such as JIS machine screws, cheese head screws, etc.

DIN 6797-J / 6797-I, Type J / I Internal Teeth
"J" or "I" type indicates a toothed internal diameter

Stainless steel star washers are commonly used in damp environments. They are popular across a wide range of industries: automotive, agriculture, architectural, sanitation, food processing, clean energy, etc.

Also known as toothed lock washer, tight-grip internal-tooth lock washers

Special Order Variations
Additional Sizes: M7, M18, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30