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  • What Is Cold Heading?

    Jun 14th 2024

    What Is Cold Heading?

    Bad news, everyone: there is no magical fastener tree, growing nuts and bolts waiting to be plucked from its branches. Fasteners must be manufactured, and one of the most popular and efficient methods…

    Published by Rusty Spanner

  • Fastener Standards Of The World

    May 17th 2024

    Fastener Standards Of The World

    Just as different countries have their own unique customs and traditions, they also have their own fastener standards. sources fasteners from around the world, so it can be helpful to kn…

    Published by Rusty Spanner

  • A Brief History of Fasteners

    May 3rd 2024

    A Brief History of Fasteners

    Come and join BelMetric–the masters of metric fasteners–on a journey that spans the globe across recorded history. We’ll begin in the fertile crescent at the dawn of humanity, make stops along the way…

    Published by Rusty Spanner

  • Decimal Equivalent Chart

    Apr 26th 2024

    Decimal Equivalent Chart

    Use this helpful decimal equivalency chart to convert measurements between metric, fractional, wire gauge and letter size. You can also find a downloadable and printable version of this decimal equ…

    Published by Rusty Spanner