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Flanged Head

Ribbed Rivet Insert Nut

A2 Stainless, Open End

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Flanged A2 Stainless Rivet Nut, Open End

Round body rivet nuts are great for applications where you have access (can drill a hole) on only one side. During install, the threaded portion of the rivet nut collapses into the upper portion of the barrel, this creates a second flange on the underside / backside of the material that holds the nut in place.

When tightening a screw into the rivet nut, the knurled / ribbed portion of the body holds the nut in place so that it won’t turn, creating a roll and twist resistance solution.

Rivet nut-serts are installed into a punched or drilled hole by using a rivet nut installation tool. Great for sheet metal that is too thin to hold a thread pattern. Also known as round body blind insert nut-sert, commonly used when heavy duty hex-style body is not possible.

Head Style: Flanged
Knurled serrations underneath the head flange and on the body of the rivet nut offer additional security against twisting and rotating.

Open Thread Body
The end of this rivet nut is open, meaning a screw or bolt can pass completely through the nut. If your application requires a thread-sealed install, please consider one of our closed-body rivet nut styles.

A2 Stainless Steel provides corrosion and chemical resistance and is suitable for general use. Commonly used in damp environments for corrosion resistance, popular across a wide range of industries: automotive, agriculture, food processing, clean energy, etc. Also known as / similar to 303, 304, 18-8 stainless steel.