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Jam Thin Nut, Fine

Steel Class 04

JIS B-1181 Small Wrench

SKU: 00-NJAM-Fine-SmWrench-Z
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JIS B1181 Reduced Wrench Jam Nut Class 04 Steel / Fine Thread


Japanese Industrial Specification (JIS) Jam Nuts are typically a few millimeters shorter than a full height JIS hex nut.

Jam Nuts can function as a lock nut assembly when jammed up against another nut to lock the two in place.

Commonly used with threaded rod and in light duty situations where vibration must be prevented from loosening a bolted joint.

Zinc Plated finish provides corrosion resistance without sacrificing strength.


JIS B1181, "Class 3" for the low height version

Also known as thin lock nut or low profile hex nut, non-locking six-sided nut for general use.