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Solid Aluminum Gasket Kit

160pcs Assortment

DIN 7603

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GAKIT160 - Aluminum Gasket Assortment

155 Piece Metric Solid Aluminum Gasket Assortment

This kit includes the following metric solid aluminum gaskets assembled and labeled in a Durham 24 compartment plastic box:

1.0mm Thickness:
GA6x10 ID: 6mm, OD: 10mm - 10 pieces
GA6x12 ID: 6mm, OD: 12mm - 10 pieces
GA8X12 ID: 8mm, OD: 12mm - 10 pieces
GA8X14 ID: 8mm, OD: 14mm - 10 pieces
GA10X14 ID: 10mm, OD: 14mm - 10 pieces
GA10X16 ID: 10mm, OD: 16mm - 10 pieces

1.5mm Thickness:
GA12X16 ID: 12mm, OD: 16mm - 10 pieces
GA12X18 ID: 12mm, OD: 18mm - 10 pieces
GA14X18 ID: 14mm, OD: 18mm - 10 pieces
GA14X20 ID: 14mm, OD: 20mm - 10 pieces
GA14X24 ID: 14mm, OD: 24mm - 5 pieces
GA16X20 ID: 16mm, OD: 20mm - 5 pieces
GA16X22 ID: 16mm, OD: 22mm - 5 pieces
GA18X22 ID: 18mm, OD: 22mm - 5 pieces
GA20X26 ID: 20mm, OD: 26mm - 5 pieces
GA22X27 ID: 22mm, OD: 27mm - 5 pieces 

2.0mm Thickness:
GA14X22 ID: 14mm, OD: 22mm - 10 pieces
GA18X24 ID: 18mm, OD: 24mm - 5 pieces
GA18X26 ID: 18mm, OD: 26mm - 5 pieces
GA20X24 ID: 20mm, OD: 24mm - 5 pieces
GA20X28 ID: 20mm, OD: 28mm - 5 pieces