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Left Hand Jam Thin Nut FINE

Stainless Steel A2

DIN 439 LH

SKU: 00-NL-Fine JAM-SS
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This thin hex nut has a left hand thread. Low profile reverse thread nuts are turned to the left to tighten, unlike regular nuts that turn to the right.

Jam Nuts are typically half the height of a standard hex nut. Jam Nuts are used as a locking nut when jammed up against a standard nut to lock the two in place.

Reverse thread nuts can be used in applications where the continuous rotation of an assembly would cause a standard right-hand threaded fastener to unscrew, while a left-hand fastener remains securely in place.

Stainless nuts are commonly used in damp environments for corrosion resistance, popular across a wide range of industries: automotive, motorsport, industrial machinery, architectural finish work, agriculture, food processing, clean energy, etc. For any application involving marine (salt water), use A4 / 316 Stainless Steel material, available as a special order.

Applications include furniture, ceiling suspensions, substrates for affixing solar panels, and marine assemblies such as boats and yachts.

Special Order Variations
Additional Materials: A4 Stainless Steel