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M8 Rubber Buffer

Vibration Isolator Mount

NR + Steel Screw

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M8 Round Style Male Rubber Isolation Mount with 2 Threaded Studs
Used to mount compressors, motors, pumps and many other applications. These isolation rubbers are used to minimize vibration between surfaces within equipment assemblies.

Rubber Isolator Details
Material: Natural Rubber (NR), Black (Vulcanized)
*treated at height temperature for superior construction
*resistant to automotive chemicals: gasoline, diesel fuel, etc
*applicable to in-engine compartments and environments
Temperature Resistance: Up to 175F / 80C

Stud Details
Stud Diameter: 8mm
Stud Pitch: 1.25 Coarse Thread
Material: Steel
Finish: Zinc Plated

*Also known as cylindrical vibration damping sandwich mount with Studs, universal automotive pump or fan mount, vibration resistant*