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Tall Collar Flange Nut

DIN 6331 Smooth Bottom

A4 Stainless Steel

SKU: 00-Y6331-A4
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Flange Nut Tall / Extended Height Collar - A4 Stainless DIN 6331

Extra tall non-locking flange collar nuts provide additional thread engagement. Non-locking flange nuts have a smooth bottom flange that acts as a built-in washer to evenly distribute force over a larger area against the fastening surface.

Non-serrated flange nuts will not damage the threads of bolts or screws and can be reused. They are popular for applications that require frequent removal and re-installation.


DIN 6331 Collar Type Nut without serrations / smooth flange bottom

*The overall height for this type of flange nut is always 1.5x the diameter*

Material: A4 / SAE Type 316 

A4 / 316 Stainless Steel fasteners are "marine grade" corrosion resistant; suitable for salt water applications. A4 fasteners also offer increased resistance to chemicals when compared with A2 stainless fasteners.

Commonly used in wet environments. Popular across a wide range of industries: automotive, agriculture, photographic, medical / surgical,  food processing, clean energy, etc.

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