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Black Stainless, Medium

Belleville Washer

NFE 25-511 "M"

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Metric Black Stainless Steel Belleville Washer, "M" Medium Outer Diameter
Ribbed / "Rip Lock" Pattern

Belleville washers have a concave shape to maintain compressed tension. The Rip-Lock pattern on the top surface enhances the locking force and further prevents against loosening due to vibration or pressure.

Belleville washers can be used in tandem, one at the nut end and one at the bolt head end of the fastener connection.

Finish: Black Oxide
Attractive matte black finish
Abrasion resistant, does not peel, chip or rub off
Reduces friction, prevents galling
Does not change the strength of the stainless steel
Practically no dimensional change to base fastener 

The black oxide coating per MIL-DTL-13924, Class 4 on 300 series corrosion resistant steel will show no signs of corrosion after 96 hours of exposure in a 5% salt spray (fog) test in accordance with ASTM B117.

Stainless steel disc spring washers are commonly used in damp environments. They are popular across a wide range of industries: automotive, agriculture, architectural, sanitation, food processing, clean energy, etc.

Also known as serrated conical, coned-disc, cupped spring lock washer

AFNOR NFE 25-511, "M" Medium Form (Most Common)
French National Standard

Special Bulk Order Variations
Additional Materials: A4 / 316 Stainless Steel
Alternative Bulk Forms: DIN 6796 Non-Serrated Conical Spring Washer