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Copper Crush 2.0mm Thick

Corrosion Resistant Gasket

DIN 7603 Solid Washer

SKU: 00-GSC-2.0
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Metric Solid Copper Crush Gasket

Compress solid copper crush washers to create a tight seal between two connecting parts. Sealing washers are commonly used as drain plug gaskets or in applications that require prevention from fluid (oil, fuel, water, etc.) leaks.

As a soft metal, copper is a great choice for a sealing gasket; filling small irregularities in contact surfaces. Corrosion resistant in damp and wet environments, copper is nonmagnetic and electrically conductive.

Once compressed / installed, these gaskets are not reusable.

Industries that use solid copper washers: automotive, industrial machinery, plumbing, aerospace, electronics, agriculture, clean energy, material processing and heavy equipment.

Also known as sealing ring or lining washer, made of copper (KU).

Made in Germany

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