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M6 to M7

Class 10.9 Steel

Hardened Stepped Stud

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SKU: 00-SH-Step-6-7

Detail & Specs

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Metric Step-Up Stud / Double Ended / Steps from M6X1.0 to M7X1.0

Step studs have a different diameter on each end. These studs "step up" from 6mm diameter threading on one side to 7mm threading on the other side. 

Double ended studs, or "tap end studs" have a shorter length of thread on one side, an unthreaded middle shank, and a longer length of thread at the other end. 

Both sides are right hand threaded and can accept a nut or installation into a tapped hole.

Lengths shown are overall.

Material Class 10.9 metric studs provide a medium strength, high tensile fastening solution. Pair with Class 10 or stronger nuts.

Finish Black oxide provides minimal corrosion resistance, best for indoor, dry environments. This finish is not suitable for outdoor applications, and will rust when exposed to moisture.

Also known as step down stud, threaded pin, tap end stud bolt, setup stud, externally machine threaded headless fastener