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M4.2 Pan Torx Self Drilling

Sheet Metal Applications

A2 Stainless DIN 7504 "M"

SKU: 00-Y7504.M-A2-M4.2
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Detail & Specs

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M4.2 Pan Head Torx Self Drilling Screw  - A2 Stainless DIN 7504 Type "M"

Type "M" Refers to Pan Head Shape

Wide pan head style self drilling screws with chamfered / curved sides and a recessed six lobe drive, one of the most common machine screw styles. Also known as fillister head.

How to Measure Length

Measure from underneath the head to the end of self drilling tip

Which materials can this screw be used with?

  • Light Gauge Sheet Metal, 2mm - 6mm thickness

  • Wood / Timber, Engineered Wood, Composite Wood, Hardwood

  • Some plastics

What are the benefits of choosing this screw?

  • Drill-shaped point, eliminates need for pilot hole (saving time / money)

  • All “self-drilling” screws are considered “self-tapping”, but not all self-tapping are self-drilling

Why choose a Six-Lobe Torx Drive?

Torx drive screws provide higher torque transfer because the driving forces are transferred to each surface of the six lobes (wobble-free), instead of the four edges of the four edges on a phillips drive. Less overall force is needed to install these screws.

Material: A2 / SAE Type 304
A2 Stainless self drilling screws are commonly used on metal construction projects: residential and commercial exteriors, solar installation, decking, terraces, fences, exterior stairs, porch furniture, recreational / playground equipment, pergolas, facades, railings, architectural facades and finish work.

For any application involving marine (salt water), use A4 / 316 Stainless Steel material, also available as a special order.

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