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Steel Magnetic

Drain Plug

DIN 910 + Similar

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SKU: 00-DP-MAG-H-Steel

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Magnetic Drain Plug / STEEL
Metric drain plugs with magnets are meant to remove metal debris and particles from engine oil, allowing the oil to flow smoothly and extending the life of the oil filter and the engine.

These plugs are reusable, the slivers of metal caught by the magnet can be wiped away easily using a rag. Consider using a thread sealant or thread seal tape on the plug prior to installation for an extra secure seal, reducing the possibility of leakage.

Drain plugs are used extensively for commercial and industrial applications, automotive, etc.

Rare Earth NEO (Neodymium) that work up to 248F and are coated in a nickel-copper-nickel three step process to prevent rusting or pitting. The magnets are pressed into the plugs and securely held in place with a two-part steel weld epoxy rated to 300F, with a strength rating of 4500 PSI and is resistant to oils and most chemicals.

Hex Head Style
These drain plugs have a taper under the flange style head to seat a crush or sealing washer. The sealing ring secures the plug against the hole, preventing leakage. Use with our copper or aluminum gaskets as well as bonded sealing gaskets.

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